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School Meals

Menu Information as at March 2020

Soup                                  80p

Main Courses               £1.70                      Sample Menu: Lasagne/Curry and Rice/Sweet and Sour Chicken/Macaroni Cheese/ Chilli and Rice/Chicken Fried Rice/Fish and Chips/Paella/ Pasta Pot

Filled Baguette

or Sandwich                  £1.10                      Cheese, Tuna, Egg, Salad or Cold Meat Salad, Salad Pot (Tuna Pasta, Ham Pasta, Cheese and Coleslaw)

Yoghurts                       from 70p

Beverages                    from 60p                (Fruit Juice, Cans, Bottled Water, Hot Drinks)

Milk                               40p

Panini                            £1.35                      Pizza       £1.35

Meal Deal                     £1.70                      Main Meal with soup or fruit pot or yogurt or water

The canteen offers a pin and cash cafeteria service which provides a choice of several main courses, snacks and sweets. Special diets are catered for by arrangement with the canteen supervisor who is very happy to deal with these provided adequate notice is given. Full nutritional information about all canteen foods is displayed prominently. Pupils bringing packed lunches may use ‘The Street’ area.

Free School meals

If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction from South Lanarkshire Council there is no need for you to apply online, they will use the information they hold to automatically award free school meals (P4 to S6) and/or school clothing grants (P1 to S6) to eligible families. 

Further information about eligibility for free meals can be found on the council website. 


We would encourage parents of children who are in receipt of any of the above benefits to take up this opportunity of having a meal provided for their child when they are at school.  Arrangements are in place so that children who receive free meals are not singled out and we encourage all children to remain in school at lunch time.

Healthy eating is something that the school supports and a range of meals are available at lunchtimes.

A variety of tuck-shop and snack facilities are available from 8.00 am until 8.45 am, at morning break and lunchtimes.

It is important that pupils eat a snack at morning interval.  Healthy choices, such as fruit, are to be encouraged and will help ensure that youngsters are in class ready to give their full attention.

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