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Vision, Values and Aims

The purpose of Biggar High School is to enable each member of the school community (both pupils and staff) to achieve his or her fullest potential.

Our aims are to . . . .

  • provide a positive learning environment for all which enthuses, motivates and encourages pupils to embrace new ideas and to achieve the highest level of success in all curricular and extra-curricular areas.
  • celebrate our successes– school, class, team, group or individual, past and present
  • support pupils – to provide a high quality delivery of pastoral care where at the heart of what we do is the focus on fostering positive relationships while developing confident individuals with self-respect, secure beliefs and values and a genuine sense of well-being.
  • promote respect for people of all backgrounds, cultures, religions and ethnic origins and encourage and develop acceptance, tolerance and personal responsibility.
  • foster effective leadership at all levels of school life to maximise the support and commitment from staff and pupils; empowering through distributive leadership at all levels and encouraging team-work in meeting the needs of all our school community in developing the work of the school.
  • make a commitment to sustained improvements in attainment and achievement over time and to ensure we endeavour to facilitate our school leavers to as high a proportion of sustained positive destinations as possible.
  • promote and encourage very good behaviour, developing our young people as effective contributors who are increasingly resilient, enterprising and self-reliant.
  • regularly and rigorously self-evaluate the work that we do to measure positive impact and identify ways to further improve the service we provide to the school community.
  • and foster a positive and supportive ethos which allows pupils to develop their full potential, to promote their intellectual, emotional and health development and to see the value of learning as a skill for life.
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