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Cost of the School Day

The document ‘Cost of the school day’ (see download link below) is designed to promote the supports we offer and  encourage any Biggar High pupils and/ or parents/carers who may be finding certain aspects of supporting their child’s school life a struggle to let us know about the issues at hand. With confidentiality guaranteed, we would like at every stage or every circumstance, the opportunity to support where we can to ensure that as far as possible all our pupils have access to the same experiences as and when they are available, whether this is in school/ class or beyond.

I would encourage all Biggar High parents/ carers who find themselves in a situation, at any point in their child’s school career where they cannot financially support their child for whatever reason, to contact their child’s Pupil Support teacher in the first instance and have a supportive conversation that will hopefully lead to the school being able to offer the appropriate support/ resource provision to allow their child to receive as full and as rounded a school experience as possible.

Further information about support available in school is detailed in the document link below.