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Weekly Pupil Newsletter

Pupil Council January Minutes

Parent Council December Minutes

Modern Language Active Learn Information for Parents

Business and Computing Guide to Access online Pupil Profile

S2 into S3 options information evening presentation (January 2018)

Subject Option Handbooks and Forms

S2 into S3 

Option Handbook       Option Form

S3 into S4

Option Handbook        Option Form

S4 into S5/S6

Option Handbook         Option Form (S4)  Option Form (S5)

Support your child’s reading’ – reciprocal reading guide

please click here

Occupational Therapy Advisory Clinic

Please click here for information about a monthly clinic in Lanark Health Centre for families of children and young people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

HT Open Forum - March 2018

As a school we consider we have a very inclusive and open door policy with regard to communication on any school related issues. In addition to the above general availability, it is my intention to set aside specific time once per month after school as I know parents/ carers can sometimes find it difficult to manage to school during daytime hours. This open forum will run from five o’clock until six o’clock. If there is an issue or area of school life where you require further information or want to share your views please contact the school office to agree an appointment time and I will be happy to meet with you to discuss further at this time.
The next drop in is planned for - 5.00 - 6.00 pm date to be confirmed.
Robert Stewart - Headteacher

The Cost of a School Day

Dear parent/ carer, In liaison with our Parent Council we have been looking at raising awareness of the whole area of ‘equity’ at Biggar High School. To this end we have created an information booklet, The Cost of a School Day as a starting point which is designed both to reflect our values and to encourage any family who feel that financial pressures are impacting negatively on the ability to support their child’s education in its widest sense to engage with the school. The booklet provides a context to our present situation, information about what we are already doing to deliver equity and a strong appeal to pupils and parents to communicate with the school over areas of possible concern in relation to supporting educational provision Any comments and observations would be most welcome.

 Adverse Weather_Early Closure Letter

Lunch Clubs and After School Activities

The school offers a range of lunch clubs and after school activities.  Please click here for details.  Please note - If your child attends an after school club and would normally travel home by school bus you are asked to make alternative transport arrangements.

School Dress Code/Uniform Supplies

For information about school dress code and where to buy dress code items please click here.

Education Maintenance Allowance

If you want to stay on at school or go on to college you may be entitled to an Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA).  These are weekly payments of £30 for students who are aged 16 before 30 September, depending on household income.

An online application form for the 2017/18 session is available on the South Lanarkshire Council website.   Application forms are also available from the school office.  

Free School Meals/Clothing Grant

Information about entitlement to free school meals/clothing grants and how to apply is available on the South Lanarkshire Council website:

School Survey

Please click on the links below to read pupil and parental feedback from our recent School Survey

Pupil positive comments

Parental positive comments

Parental Observations and school response

Student Access to RM Portico

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