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Biggar High School

Declaret Factum – Declare It

This website aims to provide you with the information which you need to get the best from your school. It is intended especially for the parents of pupils new to the school.

The new aims of our school were established following wide consultation.  We will continue to work hard to make these aims a reality.

A key feature in the work of the school is encouraging each young student to take increasing responsibility for his/her own life and learning.  We provide as many opportunities as possible for this. Biggar High School offers a systematic progress from First Year towards the point when a pupil leaves school as a young adult, prepared to make his or her own decisions and able to live with the consequences of these decisions.

‘Responsibility’ includes responsibility for learning.  The school is committed to helping every youngster to achieve his or her full potential in terms of examination success but just as important in every other aspect of life. 

We work to ensure that teaching is of the highest quality and employ a wide range of strategies to support our learners.  We want our pupils to become successful, independent, lifelong learners. 

School is only one of the influences on this process of development.  We will only achieve the best for our pupils in partnership with you and with the community at large.

This website is an integral part of forging such a partnership.  More important is the willingness of our staff always to listen to parents and to be open to their concerns and wishes.

If there is anything that you want to know, or if you have any worry, no matter how small, then please get in touch.

Biggar High School staff look forward to working with you over the coming session and throughout your child’s time at secondary school.

Robert Stewart
Head Teacher

Declaret factum- Declare It!