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Letters to P7s

It can be a scary prospect moving to secondary school but it is often reassuring to hear from students who have already made the transition. Some of our Biggar High School students have have written to the new S1 to explain what life is like in our high school:

Beth O’Neil

Biggar High School
South Lanarkshire

Dear P7s,

I thought it would be good to inform you of what will happen and what you should expect when going into S1 based on my personal experiences.

Let’s start off with the thing most people worry about, schoolwork. The work really isn’t much harder. In the first term you get 1-2 pieces of homework each day. Not too bad. right? Just wait until you get to term 2, 3 and 4. I don’t mean to scare you, but you get a lot of homework every day. I know it sounds bad, but usually the homework is due for the week after so you get quite a while to do it.

I remember when going into S1 I was afraid the S6s would be a lot bigger than me. Some people tried to reassure me they weren’t but they were definitely wrong, they’re massive. Although that doesn’t mean you should be afraid of them- they try to act cool but they usually just make a fool out of themselves. Which is pretty funny if you ask me. Just be careful when you’re playing rugby, as someone once ran into me and I fell on the ground, got concussion and had to go home.

Alright, I know I’m making high school sound pretty bad so far, but the food you get at break is amazing! You’ve probably had the waffles before at your STEM day so you know how good they are, but the sausage in a roll is amazing and the bagels are delicious! I definitely recommend them.

I know at the start of the year I was really afraid of possibly going into the wrong class, getting lost or forgetting my timetable but trust me, that barely ever happens. I think I’ve gotten lost twice in the school year, but I always found my way to the class at the end. I don’t think anyone in my school year has walked into the wrong class while someone was teaching, maybe the occasional empty classroom but that rarely happens anyway. I definitely recommend saving your timetable as your phone lock screen- it makes sure those nightmares of forgetting where you’re supposed to be going will never come true.

Overall, there’s really not a great reason to be scared of going into high school as it’s not all that different than primary school, if anything it’s better! You get so much more freedom. I’m sure you’ll have a great time in high school and don’t forget to be careful while playing rugby.


Beth O’Neill.

Lucas Taylor

Biggar High school
South Lanarkshire

Dear primary sevens,

I am writing this letter to let you know about your new school (Biggar High School). You may be worried about this movement. I was worried about starting Biggar High when I was in primary seven, but don’t fear because I am writing this letter to reassure you and answer some of your questions.

When I was in your position I was worried but also excited (mainly about lunch) but more on that later. Here is a list of things that you will get / experience when starting.:

  • Tests: before a test there will be a lot of warning that it is coming up from your teachers and there will always be work to revise on when studying.
  • More Homework: at the start of the year you will get a diary / planner to organise your work.
  • Getting lost: at the start of the year you will also be given a map and time table (there will also be a time table in your planner that you can write in yourself) but after a while you will get used to where you are going. If you do get lost you can ask any staff members or pupils (we are all friendly).
  • Not seeing friends: if you are not in a class with your friends don’t worry- you will make friends very easily and you can always see them at lunch and break time.
  • New subjects: personally I think having more subjects makes things much more fun and interesting.
  • Different teachers: it’s the same with new classes- it makes things much more interesting having different teachers
  • New pupils: meeting new people means new friends.
  • Responsibility: there are committees and events to join to make everything much more INTERESTING!
  • Leaving the building: at break times you will be able to stay in the school or walk around the school but not up the street. Lunch times at lunch you will be able to stay in school and have your lunch, go around the school or go up the street.
  • Fridays: on Fridays the school day ends at 25 past 1 instead of 20 to 4 and there will be a half hour long break but only S6 will be allowed up the street.
  • Lunch: at the canteen there will be a wide variety of things to choose from and there are also vending machines.

When I came to Biggar High I immediately said it was much better than primary. There is much more stuff to do. Me and my friends say there is a lot more freedom!

You will definitely enjoy Biggar High School much more than primary school. And I have to say I wish I had got a letter explaining all this when I was leaving primary school.

Yours sincerely,

Lucas Taylor