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Associated Primary Schools

AbingtonCarlisle Road, Abington, Biggar, ML12 6SD 01864 502341
Biggar South Back Road, Biggar, ML12 6AG
01899 221177
Black MountElsrickle, Biggar, ML12 6RA
01899 810234

Couthally Terrace, Carnwath, ML11 8HY

01899 840263

Birthwood Road, Coulter ML12 6PZ

01899 220255

Carlisle Road, Crawford, Biggar, ML12 6SD

01864 502686

Lamington, Biggar, ML12 6HW

01899 850249

Main Street, Leadhills, Biggar, ML12 6XR

01659 74202


Libberton, Biggar, ML12 6NB

01899 308281


School Road, Symington, Biggar, ML12 9UR

01899 308279

Wiston    Wiston, Biggar, ML12 6HT
01899 850634


The school has forged close links with its Learning Community primary schools and continues to strengthen these in order to achieve continuity between primary and secondary school.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary school between the ages of 11½ and 12½, so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education.  Arrangements are made by the school to transfer children to the associated secondary school as determined by their home address.  Parents of P7 children will be informed of the transfer arrangements made for their child to attend secondary school.

Normally children attend the school in their catchment area.  However, there are times when parents may wish their children to go to other schools.  If you wish your child to go to another school then you may make what is known as a ‘placing request’.  If you live in South Lanarkshire and decide to submit a ‘placing request’, we are unable to reserve a place in your catchment school until the Council have made a decision on the ‘placing request’.  Please note if your ‘placing request’ application is unsuccessful and all places at your catchment school are filled you will be offered a place at the next nearest appropriate South Lanarkshire School. 

Please note that if an application for a ‘placing request’ is successful then school transport is not provided.

If you move out-with your catchment primary school a ‘request to remain form’ must be completed.  If you move out-with your catchment primary, this may affect your right to transfer to the associated Secondary School.  Please note the secondary school is determined by the pupil’s permanent home address and chosen denomination.  If you require further information, please contact Education Support Services on 0303 123 102


Throughout the school session, staff from various High School departments meet with colleagues from our Learning Community primaries to discuss curricular content and teaching methods.  Personal pupil records and pupils’ P7 profiles are sent by the primary school and passed to the secondary school.

In the summer term, primary pupils visit the High School and follow a normal timetable for three days.  Pupils experience, for the first time, the changeover from one subject to another and become familiar with the school building, teaching staff, travelling and meeting pupils from all other associated primaries.

In spring and summer, Student Support staff visit the primaries.  They meet the Primary 7 pupils and consult with their teachers.  An Open Evening is held in the autumn which P7 pupils and parents of P7 pupils are invited to attend. 

We try to ensure that all primary pupils know their S1 class and will, if possible, be in class groups for the visit in summer term.

Regular Learning Community meetings bring together primary and secondary staff to co-ordinate other transition activities and working groups meet regularly to discuss a range of link topics- for example moderation and assessment; sharing of subject knowledge; sharing of good teaching practice; linkage of literacy; numeracy, health and well-being and DYW initiatives.

Parents of P7 pupils are reminded to ensure transport application forms are completed and returned to the authority before the end of the school year.

It is hoped these and other developing initiatives will help to ensure the transition between primary and secondary remains as effective and supportive as possible.  A full timetable of our transition arrangements is available on request from Ms. McFarlane (Year Head)